Friday, 18 February 2011

Bloody spoons

A while back, I had some blood tests done by the GP. Nothing urgent, just routine - related to one of my encyclopaedia of medical conditions. A week or so later I got a phone call from the receptionist at the surgery saying the doctor wanted some of them repeated.


"Oh I wouldn't know. Just come in and pick up the form, any time."

Now, it's not quite as simple as "just picking up the form". Unfortunately. Once I've summoned up the spoons to get the form, I have to either traipse over to the local hospital and hang around for an hour or so, or make an appointment at a different surgery and hope I'm well enough to get there on the appointed day.

So, I never managed it. After a couple of phone calls from the receptionist, she agreed that you know, actually, the practice nurse could do blood tests after I got the blood tests done at the same time as picking up the form (only one lot of spoons expenditure, you see).

Next day, phone call..

"The doctor would like to see you to discuss your blood test I don't know what it's it's nothing urgent, any time in the next week..."

That was a fortnight ago. Anyone got any spoons I can borrow?

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