Sunday, 26 June 2011


I just popped out, down to the local shops. At the final road junction before I got there, a woman had parked across the dropped kerb, and was still sitting in the car. I asked her, very politely, to move.

It pains me to report to you that I was greeted with a load of swearie-words. About the only bit I can repeat to your tender ears (/eyes), reader, is:
"How was I supposed to know you'd be here?"
Well you know what, love? THAT'S THE WHOLE BLOODY POINT! If it was just a case of "Margo'll be along at 12.57, Sunday lunchtime", you could roll your car out of the way for the moment and then roll it back. But it's not. I could be along at any time. (Well, not early mornings, to be fair. I do have MS.) So could any other wheelchair or scooter user, or someone pushing a buggy.
That's why we need the dropped kerb to be free. That's why the powers that be, in a rare example of common sense, have demarcated it with a double yellow line.

So don't fecking park your car across it in the first place. OK? OK, good. I'm glad we've got that sorted.


  1. I've been sworn at (even had the Vs flicked at me by an 8/9 year old) for having the temerity to asking people to remove themselves from their ILLEGAL parking place. They often say "I'm just waiting". I always respond with "What for? Disability?" I've been known to ask if this is the ONLY time they'll put themselves in my place too. Bastards.

  2. I've even had people walking along at high speed, not looking at anything below their own neck-height it seems, run headlong into my rollator than yell at me for not looking where I was going. I was looking where I was going, not off to my right...

  3. Oh yes Sam...I've had people literally end up sitting in my lap when they've tripped over my wheelchair, because they weren't looking where they were going!

  4. Or stop dead in front of you and then complain when your foot rests eat their ankles?

  5. I've had people move at my request and then very pointedly and deliberately reverse back so they're blocking the access again.

  6. Grr Emma, had that one, SO irritating!