Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Having multiple sclerosis

A very quick post, just to publicise an excellent site I found the other day. Having MS consists of a series of interactive simulations, demonstrating what it's like to have some of the symptoms of MS. Not everyone has all of the symptoms covered, and there are symptoms not included. It's a good start though! If you don't have MS, I would urge you to visit the site. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for posting the site, I passed it on my fb. It is very useful, especially the movement one. The typing one is me to a t! They should give it to Atos staff

  2. On one hand I loved this site, but I did feel that not enough was stressed about the variability of MS. Firstly from person to person with MS and secondly within that very person with MS. It's not as simple to say that a person with MS can't cut bread, because one person with MS maybe could, and another maybe couldn't. Or I might be able to cut wonderfully straight edged, perfect slices (kidding, I've never ever been able to slice bread, even before MS) and on another day I wouldn't be able to hold teh knife.

    That being said, any visual tool to help my friends and family understand is a godsend! Every journey starts with one step and all that.