Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Share your experience!

I'd like to introduce you to a great website. Health Talk Online is run by the Health Experience Research Group at the University of Oxford.

The Research Group collects personal stories of health, illness and disability. As well as analysing these to use in academic publications, it makes the stories available on the website, as video or audio clips, so others with the same conditions can find support and information. There's a list of the conditions they've covered so far here.

At the moment, the researchers are looking for people with acquired conditions who live in London. Would you be interested in helping them? Contact details are here.They also want to speak to carers of people with MS, anywhere in the UK. Is that you, or do you know someone who is? Contact details are on the same page.

I know all and any help will be very gratefully received.


  1. I don't but I'll repost the link and see if anyone else does


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