Sunday, 4 March 2012

Radar location

A quick post, to sing the praises of an essential bit of kit. It's indispensible for anyone who has a disability that means when they need to wee, they need to go now, people with bowel problems, if you need a bit more room to manoeuvre, or if you need the assistance of someone else.

It's the Radar Key, a universal key that fits the doors  of thousands of disabled loos around the country. In most cases there'll be a key available somewhere - but who wants to go searching for the railway station manager, or trying to attract the attention of the bar staff in a busy pub, when they're desperate? Much simpler to have your own!

Having your own key also avoids the potential embarrassment of needing to announce out loud that you need the loo. Able-bodied people don't have to go through that, so why should we?

Radar keys really can be invaluable, and they only cost a few pounds. A must-get!

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