Friday, 18 May 2012

The MS Trust hits the airwaves!

The excellent MS Trust has been selected to give a Radio 4 appeal this Sunday. As well as bringing in much-needed donations, the appeal will raise awareness of the charity, letting people with MS, their friends and family know about the support available to them. Money raised will be going to help fund the Information Service, which is available free to anyone with a question about MS.

The appeal will be broadcast on Sunday at 07.55 and 21.26, and again the following Thursday at 15.27. Full details are here.

Please share this information, so that the appeal gets a really good audience! Please also listen, and consider donating if you're able to.

And if that doesn't grab your imagination, have a virtual stroll round the Secret Art Show: small pieces of art, some by international artists, all sold anonymously at the same price. You only  discover who yout piece is by when you receive it.

It's all as exciting as Mr Exciting, the Mayor of Exciting Town!

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