Friday, 16 November 2012

Pudsey Bear’s WCA

This is a guest post by Sarah Ismail, editor of the Same Difference blog.

Here’s what happened when Pudsey, the disabled bear, went for a Work Capability Assessment to the offices of ATOS.

ATOS Worker: Hello, please sit down.

(Pudsey sits, looking confused)

ATOS Worker: So, he can sit independently. How are you today?

Pudsey: Good, thank you.

ATOS Worker: Hold your arms out, turn your hands over. Straighten your fingers.

Pudsey: I don’t have hands, or fingers.

ATOS Worker: Hmmm... stand up on your tiptoes.

Pudsey: I don’t have toes... or feet.

ATOS Worker: Hmm... please remove hat horrible scarf from across your face. Open your right eye.

Pudsey: It’s not a scarf, it’s an eye patch. And I don’t have a right eye. One of the children pulled it off. That’s why I had to stop working. I’m partially sighted.

ATOS Worker: Children? You have children? You’re not disabled! Disabled people can't have CHILDREN!

Pudsey: They’re not my children... I’m a charity mascot... they’re the children I help.

ATOS Worker: A charity mascot? So, you already have a job. Disability benefit fraud... well well well.

Pudsey: But I’m a partially sighted teddy bear with no fingers, hands, toes or feet...

ATOS Worker: Well, Mr Pudsey, if you’re fit to be in the same room as children, you’re fit to work. Close the door on your way out. NEXT!


  1. Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant!


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