Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bread and circuses

Last Thursday, the House of Commons spent some hours debating whether the use of wild animals should be banned in circuses. It was quite a heated debate. (Personally, I can't see the issue. Of course it should be banned. Duh.)
Meanwhile, I spent the days leading up to yesterday (B for Benefits Day!) living off bread and cheese. I ran out of butter on Wednesday, so it was dry bread from then on.

For now I have money. And food. But the cost of living keeps going up, and my income doesn't, or not enough. Many, many others are in the same situation as me. Thousands of them are hard-working people, who happen to be in low-paid jobs. Others are deeply vulnerable people, unable through no fault of their own to work. They may have a physical disability or learning difficulty, they may have mental health problems, they may be carers for a loved one.

Of course it's important to ensure the welfare of circus animals. But don't you think it would be more important to make sure that everyone in the country has enough money to live on? As opposed to the current government proposals, which seem aimed at reducing our incomes still further..

Bread and cheese, anyone?


  1. Im the same though I often think of afternoon tv ads asking for money for animals in the developing world and does annoy me when people in those countries are going hungry before a donkey, though I m sure plenty of people will disagree with me.

    Maybe we should all develop cute looking eyes and fur coats and plead for money for the elecy bill.

  2. Good idea Erika. We should all make TV ads to get a regular income.

  3. I think we should accept our human race as low-tide when it comes to the powers of training penguins to think for us!

    lets advocate for the solution
    "penguin power baby" "so funky"

    "so mango bread funky baby"


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