Monday, 29 April 2013

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week #MSAwarenessWeek

MS Awareness Week starts today, 29th April 2013.

This is the one week a year when we - people with MS, our families and friends, and the organisations that support and inform us -  try to spread the word about what multiple sclerosis is and the many ways, often invisible but nonetheless potentially devastating, it can affect us.

This year's awareness week comes with the disturbing news that only 40% of those eligible to receive one of the seven licensed MS drugs are actually getting them. This may be down to a lack of information and problems accessing specialists. The UK ranks 25th out of 27 in Europe on prescription rates, which given our relative wealth is really not good enough.

Decisions should be taken nationally about this kind of treatment and specialist care plans drawn up for each patient, with regular reviews allowing for treatment options to be assessed on a regular basis.

People with MS tend to do a lot of falling, both physically and mentally. That's OK. The thing is getting up again. Those of you who don't have MS, please understand that this can sometimes take us a little while.

It's MS Awareness Week. But we have to be aware of MS every day of the year.

For more information on MS, please visit:
MS Society
MS Trust

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