Monday, 21 March 2011

Out with the old...

A Care Agency Ltd is no more - for me at least. For the last year, I've been trying to make what seemed to me, in my innocence, to be a small change in my care plan. I didn't want any more hours - just the same hours at a different time of day. This has turned out to be a request of mammoth proportions to organise. Finally, following the threat of a complaint to my councillor, I was told that I would have to be moved to a new care agency. Seemingly A Care Agency Ltd couldn't provide the hours I needed, having told me on the phone they could. Ah well.

That was about a week ago. Heard no more. Then this morning, nobody turned up for my call. I phoned A Care Agency Ltd, and was told (eventually, like the third time I phoned) that Social Services had told them not to come any more.


Social Services, on the other hand, told me that A Care Agency Ltd was refusing to come any more because they'd been told they were losing the job. Hm. Well someone was telling me porkies, and to be honest I didn't particularly care who it was as long as someone started doing my care again!

So eventually, after being on the phone for most of the afternoon, I managed to speak to the supervisor at A.N.Other Care Agency Ltd, who will be starting my care as from tomorrow. Hopefully...

It's a shame that my final experience with A Care Agency Ltd wasn't with one of the carers I particularly liked. What's more, this was the woman (also immortalised in this post as "the Hockey Captain") who once tried to wash my boobs in the shower. I can wash my own boobs and down-belows thangyouverymuch, and I tend to find someone lunging for them when I'm nekkid a bit unsettling. Even if they are holding a sponge.
 Tomorrow is another day and all that. We'll see what it has to bring. Watch this space!


  1. I was doing my best angry-fisty-thumpy-on-the-table reaction while I was reading that, then I got to the bit about the sponge and pissed myself laughing. Sorry Funky, fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow.

  2. I don' know where you get seem to get the worst of the Sarah i laugh at the image in my head of the spone incident.....i'd have drowned her there and then lol. Ah well FM another day as they say lol

  3. Huh. Laughing at my sponge-related trauma indeed.